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The EDA system is based on the performance of measurements and the further calculation of parameters that define the state of the insulation in rotating machines.

This is a test based in standards that extends for 30 minutes charge and 2 minutes discharge. While the test, IR, PI, time constant and charge/discharge currents are evaluated to watch the dielectric absorption in the tested insulation. Low voltage DC & AC capacitances are measured to increase diagnose capabilities around contamination.

The software generates its own database with all the test performed in every machine. Furthermore, all the steps are fully guided to allow any kind of user, skilled or not, to perform the test.

Most critical machines from Iberdrola (Spanish utility with long tradition in predictive maintenance) are tested with this system. Tests are also performed in key machines from other electric utilities (Endesa, Union Fenosa), Industries (Repsol, Air Liquide,..) and workshops (ABB, GE,..) and enters as a growing standard even in Europe and the rest of the world. Today, there are close to 100 systems operating worldwide. Download datasheet


The EDA Diaghelp tool is based on the experience of experts in the diagnosis of rotanting machine status and on the analysis of a large number of tests performed on such machines.

With a view to facilitating diagnosis, the EDA Diaghelp application performs an initial estimate of the status of the insulation, applying diagnosis criteria to the calculations and measures carried out by EDAIII. This application recovers the file generated by EDAIII on performing the test and automatically applies the tables of criteria to each of the diagnostic parameters, providing an indication of the existing problem and its severity.


The EDA Trends application has been conceived for tracking of the evolution with time of machines tested using the EDAIII system.

In order to carry out an analysis of machine trends, various tests peformed using the EDAIII system will be selected. These allow the evolution of the parameters that characterize the machine to be observed.


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