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The ETP is an automatic system designed for the performance of detailed analysis of transformer status. This system is composed by 4 measure units (UM).

For the complete knowledge of the transformer, we must perform tests that provide us information concerning all the parts of the transformer:

- Electric circuit > UM1B: Turns ratio meter / UM3B: Winding resistance tester.

- Magnetic circuit > UM1B: Turns ratio meter / UM5B: Short circuit impedance meter.

- Dielectric circuit > UM2B: Recovery voltage and Polarization Index.

- Geometric circuit > UM5B: Short circuit impedance meter.

The ETP System in the result of 12 years experience in testing and diagnostic, more than 10.000 machines tested and demostrated reliability of the parameters.

Today, more than 120 units are operating worldwide (Spain, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, etc..). Download datasheet


The ETP Diaghelp tool is based on the experience of experts in the diagnosis of transformer status and in the analysis of a large number of tests performed on transformers.

This application recovers the files generated by the measuring equipment (UM) and automatically applies tha tables of criteria for each of the diagnostic parameters, providing an indication of the existing problem.


The ETP Trends application has been conceived for the tracking of the evolution with time of transformers tested using the ETP system.

In order to perform and analysis of transformer trends, various tests carried out using the ETP system will be selected. These allow the evolution of the parameters that characterize the transformer to be observed.


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